eBike Sharing 7,000

Last month, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to authorize the San Francisco’s participation in a plan to grow the regional bike share program from 700 to 7,000 bikes in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. This expansion will transform the successful pilot program into a new, robust transportation option for the Bay […]

Energy Storage System (ESS)

250KW / 750KWh   Product Features: Grid energy storage, peak energy saving Power efficiency control, efficiency factor improvement Micro-grid operation, stand alone power supply Max. charging voltage: 876.0V Standard voltage: 768.0V Working voltage range: 672V~876V Min. discharge current(0.5C) : 5x198Ah @ 100A Discharge Avg. discharge current(0.5C) : 5x200Ah @ 100A Discharge Min. discharge current(0.5C) : 5×111.3KWh @ 0.5C Discharge Avg. […]

eBike Sharing Permit SFMTA

The Bay Area’s first electric bike-sharing program put 100 neon-red bicycles on San Francisco streets this week, just ahead of the scheduled debut on Wednesday of the region’s big Ford GoBike project. This will be the first e-bike program for Social Bicycles, a Brooklyn, N.Y., firm that runs bike sharing in 27 cities including Portland, […]

Jump eBike Sharing

JUMP bikes are in their early days, and this week’s rollout is a modest 100-bike endeavor that isn’t yet open to the public, though that is a goal for the future. Instead, Social Bicycles staff have been reaching out to local businesses and nonprofits to offer memberships to people living and working in places where […]

Zinc-Air Powered UAV Battery Outperforms Lithium Ion Polymer

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 17, 2003–Arotech Corporation (NasdaqNM: ARTX) announced today that a zinc-air battery developed by its subsidiary, Electric Fuel Battery Corp., powered a Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) in test flights in Israel. The Electric Fuel zinc-air powered flight was longer than that achieved with the same MAV using a High Performance Lithium Ion Polymer […]

Graphene Applications

Graphene is a sheet of carbon atoms bound together in a honeycomb lattice pattern where it is a conductor of electrical and thermal energy, extremely lightweight chemically inert, and flexible with a large surface area. It is also considered eco-friendly and sustainable, with unlimited possibilities for numerous applications, however it is difficult to manufacture. Graphene-based […]

Graphene in Bikes

The most obvious application for a composite material like graphene is in frames, wheels and other components currently made from carbon fibre. As Musgrove explains, “Frames are becoming extremely lightweight, and there is not a lot of weight to be shed in the current crop of high-end frames, many of which come with maximum rider […]

Graphene in Wheels

Ever ridden a pair of wheels with Nobel prize-winning ingredients? Neither had we until now. While they look like other carbon road wheels, beneath the surface lies a layer of Graphene – ‘G+’ in Vittoria-speak – which is being touted as the next wonder material. Vittoria claims the graphene makes the Quranos stronger and laterally […]

CubeSat Drone Applications

NASA researchers sponsored by Dryden’s Small Business Innovation Research program introduced airborne science networking capabilities, such as telepresence and over-the-horizon, on an aircraft bearing a payload of instrumentation with a combined gross weight of less than three pounds. The battery-powered NightHawk micro air vehicle, built by Applied Research Associates Inc. of Randolph, Vt., communicated with […]