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ALICE is a cognitive science project developed while researching human memory and artificial intelligence (AI). This multi-disciplinary field of cognitive science where electronics meets biological science is ALICE intelligent cyber electronics.


My name is Albert, project leader of a team of designers at Voracity. My curiosity in artificial neural networks during my undergrad and graduate studies led to projects such as human memory, network defense, Alzheimers, and brain-inspired third wave AI. Recent developments of biological inspired AI such as consolidated memory has benefited researchers to model diseases to help find cures such as Alzheimers. 


Developers include a team of in-house and out-sourced collaborations. In-house developers include experienced professionals with years of experience in industry (private and public). From Silicon Valley to Washington D.C., we are software developers, engineers, IT, and scientists. Skill sets include electrical engineering, software engineering, IT, cloud, and AI.      

Why Voracity?

At Voracity, recent developments of biological inspired AI has the potential to extend the research model to areas not only in healthcare but to industry as well. 

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STREAM management

Delivering cloud management through a mix of streaming services.

the power of scaling

Enhancing operations with end-to-end intelligence connecting edge computing devices.

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Coding to edge devices in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.