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AOI #4.1-C: Diagnostic Assay for detection of COVID-19 disease
The development and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of an in vitro diagnostic test for COVID-19 disease that has a small footprint (e.g., hand-held) and is easy to use at the point of care (i.e., suitable for use in CLIA-waived settings). Assays should detect host or pathogen biomarkers specific for COVID-19 disease in non- invasive specimens that can be easily collected in CLIA-waived settings, and provide results in less than 30 minutes (less than 15 minutes preferred). While there is no minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) required, Respondents should describe the platform, proposed detection targets, development status of the test, information to support clinical utility claims, and proposed plan to achieve.

  • AT HOME VENTILATORS – Research of converted CPAP machines to address specific needs of COVID-19 such as at home care and the scarcity of ventilators worldwide. Please donate by contacting us.