Voracity (vo·​rac·​i·​ty)

Welcome to Voracity. My name is Albert, the founder, and this is my first blog. To get things started, what is Voracity? According to Grammarist.com the definition of Voracity is the noun corresponding to the adjective voracious, which means (1) eager to consume a great amount of food, or (2) marked by an insatiable appetite. […]

Xterra World Championship Triathlon

I just survived the Xterra World Championship held in Maui on October 25, 2009.  The 27-mile course of unyielding terrain is like no other.  The course starts with a one mile open water swim with 550 people packed like sardines, my swimming goggles got kicked twice, next a 20 mile mountain bike ride climbing up […]

Boston Marathon Race

BOSTON QUALIFIER The Boston Marathon was a lifetime achievement for most people but for me, it was another race until I actually ran it. The challenge of Boston is that one must first qualify under a certain time according to age group and then in September, register before the registration window closes in about eight […]

North Face 100K Ultra Run

North Face 100, finished this 100K (62.13 miles) of mountain roads and steep narrow trail run in 11 hours 36 minutes and 36 seconds. Conditions were light rain with very little wind. Race kicked off at 6:00AM, started 50M above sea level but gradually climbed to 100M at the 15K mark where the 50K and […]

North Face 100K Trail Run

Finished the North Face 100K (62.13 miles) race in about 13:19 hours.  The average total ascent was about 3,387 meters and total descent was about 3,353 meters, in comparison the French Alps, Aiguille du Midi, elevation is 3,382 meters (12,605ft). This trail mountain and road race consisted of about two 900m mountain climbs and one […]

Xterra World Trail Run

The first series of races started with the Xterra World Championship 21K Trail Run. After finishing part of the year as a triathlete, that season ended with the Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Hawaii and my running season started with the December 5, 2010 Xterra Trail Run. My training started in October with a couple of […]