Connect Planet to Earth Engine

GEE Setup Guide by Planet

3-Steps to Connect Planet to Earth Engine

To enable Planet imagery delivery (Planet, n.d.):

1.) GCP-backed Earth Engine Account. To use Planet’s GEE delivery integration, your GEE account must be integrated with Google Cloud Projects.

  • GCP-integrated GEE accounts are still under development by Google, to upgrade your account please sign up for one using this form.
  • Note that to upgrade your account, you must already have an existing Earth Engine account. To apply for a GEE license, use this form.

2.) Create Google Cloud Project & Enable the EE API. The easiest way to create a cloud project that is configured with the EE API is to follow the setup instructions in the pop-up dialog box that appears the first time you return to the EE code editor after upgrading your EE account to the cloud project version. Creating or selecting a cloud project through this dialog should automatically enable the EE API for use in that cloud project.

Alternatively, you can also create a cloud project and enable the EE API directly within Google Cloud Platform following these steps:


Once your account is upgraded and you’ve created or selected a Cloud Project that has the EE API enabled, your Earth Engine account should look like the image below. Everything is mostly the same, except in the top-right of the Earth Engine Code Editor, you should see the option to select a Google Cloud Project. You’ll also notice a new Cloud Assets section on your Assets tab.


3.) Grant Planet’s Service Account an Earth Engine Resource Writer Role. Once your Earth Engine IAM privileges have been granted to your Google Cloud Project, you can grant Planet’s service account permission to write to that Cloud Project.

  • Navigate to your Google Cloud Platform Console
  • On the navigation-menu select “IAM & Admin”
  • On the IAM page, select to “Add” a new member and paste in Planet’s Google Service account, and grant it the “Earth Engine Resource Writer” Role: planet[email protected]
  • Your Earth Engine account is now ready to receive Planet imagery through Planet’s Orders API!

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