Author: Albert Su
Date: July 19, 2016
Project: Draco

Project Draco is an open project with the purpose of exploration and discovery of planetary sustainability technologies program with unique requirements designed to meet the challenges of the new energy economy. The project name “Draco” came from the constellation in the far northern sky. Its Latin meaning is dragon.

As global warming takes on new unique challenges, project Draco mirrors enormous challenges as in stories in Greek and Chinese mythology where this great beast represents great challenges and fortune to those such as Hercules in Greek mythology. The challenge of project Draco is to find creative solutions to global warming where resources from various industries and sectors form innovative solutions. Some of the solutions involve CubeSats, enhanced battery technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), smart grids, electric vehicles, and green IT.

Project’s Criteria

  1. Problem – Identify a large problem affecting the world.
  2. Solution – Propose a radical solution for solving that problem.
  3. Technology – Provide a reason with analysis and research methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed) that these technologies can work.

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