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Draco cubesat is Voracity's solution to communications & network driven design. Any time, any place, any mission.

Draco is a space based communications project tailored for small satellites, cubesats. These cube like shoebox size satellites are about one tenth the cost of a normal large geo-stationary (GEO) satellite. Since these cubesats circle the earth in low earth orbit (LEO) as opposed to GEO satellites that remain fixed, a new set of communications and tracking challenges needed to be solved.


My name is Albert, project leader of a team of designers at Voracity. My background in space communications came from Purdue University, West Lafayette campus, B.S. in electrical engineering with a minor in digital  communications. As I pursued a doctorate degree, my studies led to research in space communications and networking.


Developers include a team of in-house and out-sourced collaborations. In-house developers include experienced professionals with years of experience in industry (private and public). From Silicon Valley to Washington D.C., we are software developers, engineers, IT, and scientists. Skill sets include electrical engineering, software engineering, IT, cloud, and AI.      

Why Voracity?

At Voracity, we work as a team in global climate change. A different perspective from space where changes in the ionsphere may suggest anomalies such as geomagnetic storms, CO2 emissions, and earthquakes.

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