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Strike eBike is Voracity's highest performance & advance driven design. Any time, any place, any mission.

Voracity Strike ebike

Strike electric bicycle is a recon bike designed to move in silently and get away quickly. The off-road handling is similar to cross country (XC) racing bikes with agility and speed needed on the mountain trails.


My name is Albert, project leader of a team of designers at Voracity. I had the opportunity to build eBikes during a time when there were no eBikes that had attributes of a racing bikes. Most eBikes were designed for the elderly. While I was a competitive triathlete, my passion for sports and technology led to the creation of something new by reinventing the old.


Developers include a team of in-house and out-sourced collaborations. In-house developers include experienced professionals with years of experience in industry (private and public). From Silicon Valley to Washington D.C., we are software developers, engineers, IT, and scientists. Skill sets include electrical engineering, software engineering, IT, cloud, and AI.      

Why Voracity?

At Voracity, our roots and experience inspires beautiful designs where people are excited about performance.


"We love what we build. The passion and workmanship goings into every design from batteries, motor, controllers, and frames. The test is in the ride. Ride it and you'll feel it!"
Albert Su at Xterra
"We like to add unique features such as integrated bicycle seat post lights to our build. Try these beautiful rear lights and be seen at night, you'll never forget it!"
Lightskin LED Seatpost Light
"At the factory, we go thorough testing where we inspect the product spending many days. All I can say is, the communication is crucial because a lot of things can be misinterpreted."
"From design to customer service, all of these phases can say has, attention to detail. If the customer isn't satisfied then we aren't satisfied."

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