About Us

Phase #1 / Project Selection

Created Green Power Tech (GPT) project, a NAICS category of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) that includes electric bicycles (eBikes).

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Phase #2 / Requirements

Define broad requirements such as high performance, lightweight, fast, stealthy, over mountainous trails like a Cross Country (XC) racer. Military camouflage and removable headbadge.

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Phase #3 / Specifications

Refine further requirements into specifications. Lightweight carbon fiber monocoque frame, high performance 250W silent electric motor, 48V Li-ion battery, XC mountain geometry (27.5, 29er), and auto-shifting XT Di2 technology. Military green dessert camouflage and Velcro headbadge.

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Our Main Message

What makes our business unique and better than the competition is our systems engineering. Our unique agile process from design to product testing results in the product to be refined at every step before production. Our end-to-end product development cycle is refined with tactical precision.

Our company’s philosophy (inspire, excite, perform), comes from our racing heritage that inspires our engineering team to develop exciting products with the need for speed.

Next Steps…

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