Projects / Green Power Technologies (GPT)

Voracity Bikes

What we did is design the most awesome eBike for hardcore mountain bikers–how did we do this? We built a lightweight, super strong carbon fiber frame integrating a center motor along with high performance components. Who did we design this for? XC racers who love speed, handling, and lightweight. Military enthusiasts who love the performance, reliability, plus style, camouflaged. These stealth like features such as silent electric motor is perfect for hunting, recon, or your next mission. Category code: NAICS +336991

Projects / ALICE

Voracity Sports

This project is close to my heart–sports and heart health. One important key performance indicators (KPIs) in one’s training program is heart health. We developed a coaching application that monitors KPIs using unique heart monitoring anomaly algorithms. For your next race, we want to help you achieve your personal best. Category code: NAICS +541715

Projects / Draco

Voracity Space

This project is out of this world — space. As of recently, private enterprises such as SpaceX and OneWeb have entered the space industry. Previously, only large organizations such as governments had access to space. The combination of low cost satellites (CubeSats) and the lowered cost of launch with shared payloads has made space accessible to small businesses. We bridge the technology gap while lowering your cost for development by contracting manufacturing and developing key subsystems in-house. Our team of valued international space partners are ready to deliver based on previous experiences. Get ready to launch! Category code: NAICS +927110

Projects / Vulcan

Voracity Drones

Who wouldn’t want to be drone racer — my first drone was a toy, plus research tool. While drones can be a fun, my first drone was used for autonomous research. Visual odometry is where data from motion sensors is used to estimate change in position over time. While this was research, drones can be fun especially first person view (FPV) racing or drone racing. We would love to hear about real-world races. Are you going to be the next big drone racer? Category code: NAICS +336411