10 GHz 1550 Low-Drive Electro-Optic Intensity Modulator

IM-1550-10G is used for optical signal intensity modulation and laser pulse shaping. The 45mm long device is composed of a high polarization extinction ratio polarizer, a integrated push-pull electro-optic Mach-Zander interferometer and a integrated electro-optical DC bias controller. Based on Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) material, IM-1550-10G-LTZ is fabricated with optical waveguides using High Temperature Proton Exchange (HTPE) process. The IM-1550-10G-LTZ features on-off extinction ratio (ER) exceeding 25 dB with low-drive voltage of 6 Volts at 10 GHz. The device is highly reliable in performance, operates over very wide temperature range and has extended life time in comparison with competing technologies such as InP and silicon photonics.

➤ Telecommunication & Lidar
➤ NRZ,RZ,DPSK formats
➤ Pulsed shaping and laser modulation
➤ Quantum key distribution (QKD) system
➤ RF-over-fiber (RFoF) system
➤ Analog transmission link
➤ Delay lines telemetry systems
➤ Research and development




➤ 1550 ± 30 nm operation
➤ EO bandwidth (-3dB) > 10 GHz, Max. to 20GHz
➤ Insertion loss : typ. 4.5 dB, max. 5dB
➤ Vπ (RF port, at 1 GHz) < 4.5 V ➤ Vπ (RF port, at 10 GHz) < 6.0 V ➤ Push-pull electrode design