Camera System for Earth Observation CubeSat

MicroEye is an imaging 2U system capable of 5.5 meter visible imagery. MicroEye has been designed to be implementable in a standard 2U CubeSat structure together with NSPO’s x-band transmitter and on board computer module. It provides advanced performance with low cost by adopting advanced COTS technology. The compact size suits well for high density packed satellites.


  • Disaster warning
  • Farming
  • Forest Safety
  • Pipe/Transportation
  • Environment Management
  • Military Surveillance


Image Acquisition

  • Image sensor: CMV8000
  • 3360 (H) x 2496 (V) active pixles
  • 4/3″ optical format
  • 5.5um x 5.5um pixel size
  • 5.56V/lux.s sensitivity @ 550nm

High-End Optical Mechanical System

  • Ground sampling distance @ 500km, 5.5m(mono), 11m(color)
  • Swath @500km, 9km
  • Focal length, 500mm
  • Field of view +-0.5 degrees