eMotor 350, 350W, 48V


This powerful 350W power comes with a more powerful 48V, 11.6 amps DT Li-ion battery. Therefore, the 350W motor at 48V offers more torque and power better for climbing hills and more torque as opposed to less powerful 350W eMotors with a 35V battery.

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eBike Components Bionx 350 Series (135mm)
eBike Motor 350 Watt
Battery 48 Volt – 8.8Ah DT downtube mounted
Torque 9/40 Nm
Range Up to 55 miles
Weight 7.9 Kg (17.4 Lbs)
Warranty 2 years, battery and motor

All BionX systems come with Regenerative Braking, so when you squeeze your bike’s brake lever, energy is sent back to the Li-Ion batteries, helping them recharge. And if you are traveling down a steep hill and want some extra braking, or want a greater workout as you pedal, switch the BionX system into one of the four Generate Mode levels. You’ll feel resistance, and even more energy is returned to the battery pack.


Estimated Top Speed 19 Mph, 32 Km/h
Attractiveness Powerful e-bike motor, the D-series Bionx motor is the latest motor released in August 2014 in the 500 watt category. This motor is designed for sport where light weight, torque, and speed matters and used on MTB Bike 27.5. 2 year warranty on battery and motor
Affordability N/A Retail
Components BionX High Quality Motor
Weight 7.9 Kg (17.4 Lbs)
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Hawaii, USA