Energy Storage Systems



250KW / 750KWh

Product Features:

Grid energy storage, peak energy saving
Power efficiency control, efficiency factor improvement
Micro-grid operation, stand alone power supply
Max. charging voltage: 876.0V
Standard voltage: 768.0V
Working voltage range: 672V~876V
Min. discharge current(0.5C) : 5x198Ah @ 100A Discharge
Avg. discharge current(0.5C) : 5x200Ah @ 100A Discharge
Min. discharge current(0.5C) : 5×111.3KWh @ 0.5C Discharge
Avg. discharge current(0.5C) : 5×127.3KWh @ 0.5C Discharge
Recharging current: Standard Recharge: 0.5C(5x100A)
Fast Recharge: 1.0C(5x200A)
Rapid Recharge: (10s): 2.0C(5x400A)
Recharging time: Standard recharge mode: 0.5C(5x100A)CC Recharge to 876.0V, then CV Recharge until charging current ≦ 0.01C(5x20A)
Standard Recharge time : 2.5hours Fast Recharge time : 1.5hours
Recharge current limitation (Temperature is defined as battery surface temperature ):
Temperature >50°C Stop charging
20°C< Temp. <50°C 0.5C(5x100A)Max
10°C< Temp. <20°C 0.2C(5x40A)Max
20°C< Temp. <50°C 0.1C(5x20A)Max
Temperature: <0°C Stop charging
Max. discharge current: 1.0C Max.(5x200A)
Discharge stopping voltage : 672V
Working temperature range:
0°C Below, stop charging
0°C~1 0°C 0.1C Max.(5x20A)
10°C~2 3°C 0.5C Max.(5x100A)
23°C~45°C 1.0C Max.(5x200A)
45°C~50°C 0.5C Max.(5x100A)
50°C Above, stop charging
Discharge -20°C~60°C  1C(5x200A)
Factory Application Spec:
Storage temperature:  -20°C~45°C
Total battery weight: < 5x2000kg
BMS communication protocol: CAN2.0B
Internal battery balancing method: Fill-in balancing system
Dimensions (mm): 5×1375×905×2200
Cycle Life (Recharge and discharge cycle): 2000