GoMore empowers individuals to unleash their fitness potential by helping them know how their stamina level will help them train with the right intensity for an optimal performance. The solution determines a stamina figure by calculating the heart rate and lactic acid build up of an individual during workouts. Built on medical level heart rate monitoring technology and physiology data, the GoMore app measures via real-time analysis of 64,000 data points per second.

By understanding what their stamina rate is, athletes will have the knowledge they need to know what training programs to adopt, how to build up their endurance, and what their fitness strengths and weaknesses are. The solution self learns with the athlete and provides analysis to enable the athlete to always work on reaching their full athletic performance potential.

To help athletes at all levels reach their workout goals and understand the intensity of their workout, the GoMore solution measures, tracks, reports, and alerts the athlete in real time their workout efficiency, calories burnt, miles traveled, when to adjust the workout pace, and how to improve stamina and endurance not only during a workout but also for future workouts.


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Heart Rate Monitor Precise Heart Rate Date with 64,000 data points per second with medical grade Biosensor technology.
Stamina Meter Monitors your heart rate and stamina consumption with the GoMore Mobile App’s stamina meter, live, while you exercise. IOS and Android Compatible
Map and Pace Tracks your progress by recording your workout using the complete picture; distance, heart-rate zones, map and pace, and then maintains your stamina usage history.
Battery Life 24 hour battery life with 150 mash lithium-ion polymer battery.
USB Charging Charging time is approx. 90 mins. USB charging cable included.

Software User interface is nice and graphics is easy to use on my iPhone 6 plus
Attractiveness Nice unit looks great and comfortable
Affordability Great value much less expensive than my Garmin watch
Components Heart rate belt and device
Weight N/A
Competitors Suunto Ambit3
Overall comments As a previous competitive athlete, I have owned many heart rate monitors such as Polar, Garmin, Suunto, and Epson. The reason I use heart rate monitor watches is to track my performance at various portions of the race such as running uphill, during a the midway point in a marathon, and during the biking portion in a triathlon. I was happy to test the Gomore device and found the information and smart phone interface easy to use. During my bike and run training, I could easily monitor my performance and evaluate my endurance level to match a goal for a particular race such as Ironman or Xterra triathlons. The device is especially useful for endurance athletes who want to go the distance with a goal setting distance calculator showing how much further one can push.

Hawaii, USA

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