Home security with smart cloud


This home security system uses IP cameras enhanced Wi-Fi Day/Night Cameras. Default media storage capacity is 30 days (Option: 60 days) to a NAS network hard drives. What makes us different is our Smart Monitor device where we provide monitoring features and backup services in the cloud.

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Home security system includes basic security for monitoring entry and exit of doors with attention to smart monitoring.

System includes:

  • Media storage (x1): 30 day storage. Option: Upgradeable upon request to 60 days.
  • Cameras (x2): IP cameras enhanced Wi-Fi Day/Night Camera
  • Smart monitor (x1): Smart monitoring service with cloud backup
  • Router (x1): 2.4G Wireless camera configuration with separate 5G network
  • Service (x3): Setup and configuration of 2x wireless camera and smart monitor
  • Options: Cloud backup storage (Amazon S3), Smart Monitor Artificial Intelligence (Facial), Covert camera case

Security System Application

Surveillance Station Devices (iPhone, Android)
Surveillance Station Devices (Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone)
Surveillance Station NAS
Surveillance Station NAS
Security Camera Smart Phone
Security Camera Smart Phone
Smart Monitor Dashboard
Smart Monitor Dashboard
Smart Monitor Thermal Image
Smart Monitor Thermal Image

All returns on hardware is 20% restocking fee. Buyer is required to pay for shipping. If service for installation and or configuration is charged then this service can not be returned. The right to return of most items within 14 days from date of purchase without giving any reason, however restocking fee still applies.

  • Voracity Security Camera Cloud Manual for surveillance system – [gview file=””]