Voracity Strike MTB 27.5 Military eBike



Designed for the military recon and perimeter patrol missions. Features include advanced settings for long distance mountainous terrain, powerful 250W motor for climbing and speed.

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Frame Carbon 27.5 frame, Mitsubishi Monocoque
Fork Manitou Machete Comp (Adjustable rebound 2 position toggle)
Grips Proppalm HY-480EP-3D, 135mm
Handlebar Kore XCD 2 Riser (Aluminium 6061)
Handlebar Stem A-TAC XCM 90mm
Seat WTB Rocket Pro PP Base
Seat Post SP Huss DC 316
Front Derailleur None
Rear Derailleur Shimano Di2, RD-M8050-GS Deore XT, 11 Speed
Front Brakes Deore XT, BRM8000KIT, 180mm rotor
Front Brake Levers Deore XT, BRM8000KIT, 180mm rotor
Rear Brakes Deore XT, BRM8000KIT, 180mm
Cassette Shimano CS-M8000 Deore XT 11-40T
Chain KMC X11 for eBike 11 Speed (116
Crankset Shimano FC E8050EX Hollowtech 175mm
Bottom Bracket Shimano Hollowtech
Wheels DT Swiss Wheel Rim 27.5″ x2
Tires Maxxis High Roller II 27.5×2
Pedals FPD NWL-393L 9/16″ CR-Mo Axle
Weight N/A Kg (N/A Lbs)
Size N/A
Warranty 1 year bike


eBike Components Shimano E8000
eBike Motor 250 Watt
Battery 48 Volt – 504 Wh downtube mounted
Torque 70.0 Nm
Range Up to 100 Km (62.1 miles)
Weight 2.8 Kg Motor
Warranty 1 years, battery and motor

  • One of the fastest 250 Watt MTB XC bikes on the market designed for speed.
  • Powerful e-bike motor, the Shimano E8000 motor is the latest motor released. It is designed for sport where light weight, torque, and speed matters.
  • Bike 27.5, this frame is made from carbon light but strong Mitsubishi monocoque resin. Attention to details to components, weight, and ride was designed to perfectly fit the contours of the Shimano e-motor battery and motor.
  • 1 year warranty for battery and motor

Estimated Top Speed 25 Km/hr (15.96 Mi/hr)
Attractiveness Nice curve lines with stealth black lines that matches the battery
Affordability N/A Retail
Components Shimano
Weight N/A Kg (N/A Lbs)
Competitors Felt 29er
Overall comments Powerful and fast, rode like a true XC cross country mountain bike. I have raced MTB XC bikes at the Xterra World Championship and I would take this bike and challenge any other XC bike in a race.

Hawaii, USA

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Weight 740 oz
Dimensions 59.84 × 9.84 × 33.07 cm

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1 Month for sample, 3 Months for production

1 review for Voracity Strike MTB 27.5 Military eBike

  1. Albert

    As a previous competitive XC racer competing on the some of the toughest trails in Hawaii racing in Xterra Triathlons, I find the Voracity Strike the best I’ve ever ridden. The handling is so smooth and power quick to respond to single track trails, rock gardens, and uphill climbs. This changes XC MTB racing with the power, fury, and speed from motorized racing. In July 2018, I took this electric bicycle (eBike) up mountain trails, single track trails, and downhill courses as if I was testing a bike in a Xterra World Championship MTB race course. First about the bike itself and next to the fun part the rider testing.

    The Voracity Strike eBike is a cross country XC racing bicycle using top of line Shimano components such as Di2 electronic shifting integrated with the Shimano center motor E8000 (250W) and 500-watt hour (Wh) battery on the downtube. This location of motor and battery keeps the center of gravity low which helps the rider balance to maneuver around obstacles. Another critical component is the frame.

    The bicycle frame is made from a special Mitsubishi high quality resin that improves the stiffness of this monocoque carbon frame. As a result, combining this unique frame material, frame design integrated with the Shimano motor system and components (XT, Di2) gives a competitive advantage. The advantage is less weight, greater stiffness, lower center of gravity, higher efficiency, and higher reliability resulting in better performance.

    One of the best ways to test for performance is to reveal any flaws that a rider may encounter with the bike during extreme real-world conditions. The courses selected was an uphill mountain course, downhill course, and racing circuit course.

    First, the uphill mountain course was modeled after Xterra World Championship where one would frequently carry their bike uphill and shoot downhill over rock gardens. The Shimano E8000 has this unique “Walk” mode setting by pushing the left lower shifter to activate the motor function allowing the bike to be pushed uphill. This feature helps getting up to those single-track trails where the extra weight from the motor and battery makes it difficult.

    Once at the top of the single-track trails, riding the eBike was smooth and fast performing like a racing bike should in dirt trails and down rock gardens. When in “Trail” mode, the eBike provided a light touch of extra power needed in cornering while blasting through rolling trails at full speed.

    Second, the downhill course had steep drops and sharp turns. While balancing the jumps, knowing the clearance is important because flying down slopes at great speed is dangerous, great control with the bike is similar to an acrobat. This eBike performed beautifully taking many jumps and landings even when I was about to crash.

    On one steep downhill turn, my front tire got caught in between two rocks and launched me forward. Before the crash, I quickly positioned myself well behind the seat and the bike and I made a graceful landing. The eBike and I was not hurt by the fall, but I had to make a quick repair. Luckily, I had the tools to adjust the position of the stem back to center. This was not at all the fault of the bike but pilot error, the bike performed without a scratch. Thank God.

    Third, on the race testing circuit, there were many small bunny jumps where I was jumping at a height of 5 Ft (152.4 Cm). In order to achieve this jump, the eBike was set to the most powerful “Boost” mode needed to launch me off the hill as shown in the picture. While airborne, I was wondering if the carbon frame would crack during the hard landing as did so many carbon fiber bikes break in races. Ta-da! I landed in one piece without a crack in the frame.

    Overall, the frame strength is impressive, stiff, no flexing resulting in fast speed and great power transfer from the rider and motor. This integrated bike design with Shimano motor system, components, and features works great together and feels familiar to enthusiast and racers alike. Voracity Strike has greater performance with a dual purpose, racing and military. This beautiful camouflaged design, customized Velcro detachable head badge, and silent motorized operations makes it perfect for hunting, racing, and recon. Hooyah!

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