Product Sample / Service #1

What makes our company different is we product test, whether it’s jumping on plane to test the product at the factory or receiving a sample for quality inspection.

Product Production / Service #2

If you think at the factory an English speaker will be on staff, good luck. Guess what, we take care of most mis-interpretations through our international staff of agents that can speak the local dialect such as Mandarin, Taiwanese, or Japanese.

Product Landing / Service #3

Once you’re happy with your product, you’ll still have to ship it. Don’t think that this is trivial (Import/export costs, tariffs, labeling of hazardous goods, etc.) Luckily, we make sure that your goods from the factory lands safely to your shores.

End-to-end product solutions here.

Sourcing and re-sourcing due to tariffs can be a real pain. Adapt and overcome.

Albert, small business owner

Every step of the way, we offer unique solutions customized to your company’s goals. From sourcing to finished goods.

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From research and development (R&D) to product development. Our streamlined time-to-market approach provides your project with an agile team of designers, developers, and business agents.

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