Albert Su at Xterra

Voracity (vo·​rac·​i·​ty)

Welcome to Voracity. My name is Albert, the founder, and this is my first blog.

To get things started, what is Voracity? According to the definition of

“Voracity is the noun corresponding to the adjective voracious, which means (1) eager to consume a great amount of food, or (2) marked by an insatiable appetite.”

Have you ever been voracious for anything? Well, I have especially after a workout or physical training (PT). During our company runs, we talked about what foods we wanted to eat. We would run up the mountains, through the woods, across streams, onto beaches, and into oceans. The longer I ran, the more insatiable my appetite became, henceforth the company name, Voracity.

My voracity didn’t stop at running but extended into swimming and biking. The running started while I was in boot camp, among other things such as sit-ups and push-ups. During bootcamp, I was called “Forest Gump” for running fast and funny, “the machine” for doing the greatest number of sit-ups, and “alien” for looking like a classic grey alien.

From the Hollywood division (918) to my first duty station, I learned how to swim and bike. At my first duty station, there was a swimming pool and a gym where I enjoyed taking a break from the daily duties of cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, and painting walls, all under the name, “beautification”. The gym served as my escape, however the base was pretty big, and I needed transport, although a car was allowed, I preferred to bike.

From my first duty station to my second duty station, I learned how to swim, bike, and run. At my second duty station, there was a swimming pool, gym, and mountains along with beautiful weather and warm oceans. Moreover, I enjoyed taking a break from the daily duties of staring at computer screens by running in the mountains. The trail running, mountain biking, and ocean swimming led to competitive endurance sports such as the Xterra world championship, 70.3 Ironman, Boston Marathon, Hurt 100, and North Face 100K.

To make a long story short, Voracity is being voracious. I found my time in the service as a sponsored competitive athlete a path not well travelled. From modest beginnings to standing on the podium, I helped train the next generation of athletes where the roots of this company were formed. Being voracious helped me inspire, excite, and perform.