Voracity Military Strike Ebike

Voracity designed one of the first carbon fiber XC racing mountain electric bicycles (eBikes) powered by Shimano’s light electric mountain bike motor in 2018. A feature of the eBike is the combination of pedaling power with assisted motor power excellent on steep long mountain climbs. Once on top of the mountain, the ride is thrilling when speeding down a single-track trail rushing past trees from the mountain tops. The controlled response from the motor is smooth, not jerky like other motors with intermittent power surges. Perfectly integrated is Shamino’s electric shifters. The Shimano company, established in 1951, is known for its high-quality bicycle components and advanced fly-by-wire electronic shifters. This technology results in lower maintenance, quicker shifting, and incredible performance. Inspired by aircraft design, Voracity Strike pilots welcome the use of composite materials (carbon fiber), advanced electronics (systems integration), bright HMI display (OLED), and extended flight times (80~100K) on a single battery charge. It’s no wonder it’s the choice of Xterra world-qualified MTB rider Albert Su, designed by a Veteran. Check out the specially designed camouflage!

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