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The bicycle frame is designed to take on the extra torque stiffness needed for the motor and battery.  The frame is made from high-quality Japanese carbon fiber using a proprietary technique.


The battery is a high quality li-ion battery giving you 48 Volt – 504 Wh of power.  Depending on how you ride, a single battery charge can give you up to 100 Km (62.1 mi.) of assisted riding.


The center motor is well balanced for off-road riding and designed into the frame.  Our unique housing cover protects the motor from rocks. 


The controller is the electronics that controls the subsystems (motor, battery, display, torque sensors).  The human machine interface (HMI) is uniquely important to give the rider the feeling of control.


The smart phone is where the user can set certain options and parameters from the manufacturer.  These options include lights, gears, and automatic shifting. 


Batteries are lightweight and can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds, so you can recharge inside at night or at the office.  Estimated charge time (2~4 Hrs).

Voracity Strike ebike


Voracity Bikes

Voracity Co. offers world-class solutions to our customers bridging the gap, facilitating projects from research and development (R&D) to production internationally specializing in subsystems (motors, controllers, batteries, frames, networks).  Our vision is to be the leader in the professional light electric vehicle (LEV) market offering micro-mobility networking services.

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As a previous competitive XC racer competing on the some of the toughest trails in Hawaii racing in Xterra Triathlons, I find the Voracity Strike the best I’ve ever ridden. The handling is so smooth and power quick to respond to single track trails, rock gardens, and uphill climbs. This changes XC MTB racing with the power, fury, and speed from motorized racing.

Albert Su at Xterra



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