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Vulcan is Voracity's maritime unmanned aerial system (UAS) & autonomous driven design. Any time, any place, any mission.

Voracity drone project

Vulcan UAS is a project for maritime flights where autonomous navigation and long flight time is a requirement. Although this experimental UAS drone was used to test various flight characteristics, Vulcan was designed for security.


My name is Albert, project leader of a team of designers at Voracity. During graduate school, I had the opportunity to build a drone with attributes of visual odometry, autonomous flight, networking, long battery life, and first person view (FPV).


Developers include a team of in-house and out-sourced collaborations. In-house developers include experienced professionals with years of experience in industry (private and public). From Silicon Valley to Washington D.C., we are software developers, engineers, IT, and scientists. Skill sets include electrical engineering, software engineering, IT, cloud, and AI.      

Why Voracity?

At Voracity, our market and experience inspires beautiful designs, novel ideas, and functional performance. Overall, drones are fun to fly.

Voracity drone project

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