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Voracity Strike platform aims to enhance the user's performance with wearable gear. Any time, any place, any mission.


The Voracity Strike platform is focused on recon where stealth is key. A smart feature of the wearables is to enhance the user’s experience of off-road cross country (XC) riding on the mountain trails in the day or at night. Wearables include devices worn on the helmet and body armor allowing greater situational awareness.


My name is Albert, project leader of a team of designers at Voracity. I had the opportunity to build eBikes during a time when there were no eBikes that had attributes of a racing bikes. Most eBikes were designed for the elderly. While I was a competitive triathlete, my passion for sports and technology led to the creation of something new by reinventing the old.


Developers include a team of in-house and out-sourced collaborations. In-house developers include experienced professionals with years of experience in industry (private and public). From Silicon Valley to Washington D.C., we are software developers, engineers, IT, and scientists. Skill sets include electrical engineering, software engineering, IT, cloud, and AI.      

Why Voracity?

At Voracity, our roots and experience inspires beautiful designs where people are excited about performance.


We love what we build. The passion and workmanship goings into every design from batteries, motor, controllers, and frames. The focus is on the experience where wearables complement the user.
Albert Su at Xterra
Engineer & Product Manager
We like to add unique features early in the design process such as integrated smart devices. This process allows for simple and eloquent designs especially for wearables.
Lightskin LED Seatpost Light
Designer & Graphic Artist
At the factory, we go thorough testing where we inspect the product and make revisions. New 3-D printing techniques allow for a quick transition from prototyping to production.
Production Engineer & Compliance
From design to customer service, all of these phases needs to be seamlessly integrated. Software development can not be overlooked. Cloud computing allows enhanced capabilities and connectivity.
Software Developer & Architect

STREAM management

Delivering cloud management through a mix of streaming services.

the power of scaling

Enhancing operations with end-to-end intelligence connecting edge computing devices.

coding out of the box

Coding to edge devices in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.