Xterra World Championship Triathlon

Xterra World Championship Triathlon Maui

I just survived the Xterra World Championship held in Maui on October 25, 2009.  The 27-mile course of unyielding terrain is like no other.  The course starts with a one mile open water swim with 550 people packed like sardines, my swimming goggles got kicked twice, next a 20 mile mountain bike ride climbing up a mountain from sea level to 1,400 feet with sections covered with softball size lava rocks causing me to crash twice, and finally a 7.5 mile trail run over hills, through sandy beaches, a spooky forest, and over lava rocks.

Qualified competitors from more than 20 countries and 40 states, Olympic veterans, pros, and amateurs alike gathered together for triathlon’s toughest off-road endurance challenges in the world.  After four years of training, qualifying, and challenges, such as a broken finger, mechanical bike problems, and sponsorship, I reached my goal, survived, and exceed my expectations.